Talks schedule 201326 November 2013

Every year the FNB Joburg Art Fair holds a talks programme, through which we invite curators, artists, collectors and other interesting personalities from the art world to present talks to visitors. All ticket holders are welcome to join us for these debates and presentations in booth P05. Click on the link below to view the schedule for 2013. The Talks are a partnership with The University of Johannesburg, the Goethe Institut, the National Lottery, Becomo Art Center and the National Arts Council. 

The Black Photo Album/Look at Me: 1890–195019 September 2013
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As part of our 2013 focus on photography, Artlogic and Maker Studio present The Black Photo Album/Look at Me: 1890–1950, together with photographer Santu Mofokeng.
Through this project, Mofokeng is aiming to create an archive of images that black working- and middle-class families commissioned during the period 1890 to 1950 and the stories about the subjects of the photographs. While the world went to war twice during this time, South Africa was busy articulating, entrenching, and legitimating a racist political system that the United Nations later proclaimed, “a crime against humanity”. Much research is still being done to place these images in a more comprehensive context.

On Saturday September 28  between 11:30 and 12:30 Santu Mofokeng will beO present at Booth P01 for signing his most recent publication The Black Photo Album / Look at me: 1890-1950.

Phantasms of the Non-City | LAGOS PHOTO FESTIVAL17 September 2013
Mouhamadou Sow, During the time leading to Tabaski, many boys can be  found washing their mutton at the beach.Preparing them for the “Feast of the Sacrifice”, the Muslim holiday Eid al­Adha, 2012.
Cyrus Kabiru, C-Stunners series, 2012

As part of the 2013 focus on photography and in partnership with Arts Alive, Artlogic will present the show Phantasms of the Non-City, a selection from the 2013 edition of the LagosPhoto Festival in Lagos, Nigeria.
Selected artists: Cyrus Kabiru, Karl Ohiri, Uche Okpa-Iroha, Adeola Olagunju, Mouhamadou Sow

Walk-about with the curators Joseph Gergel and Medina Dugger on Saturday 28 at 15:30 in Booth P15.

African Emerging Photography16 September 2013
Baudouin Mouanda, Series S A P E, Congo Brazzaville, 2008

A survey of the new generation of African photographers curated by Michket Krifa and Laura Serani and presented with the support of the French Institut. 
Photographers: Abdoulaye Barry (Chad), Arturo Bibang (Equatorial Guinea), Mohamed Camara (Mali), Nestor Da (Burkina Faso), Fatoumata Diabate (Mali), Husain and Hasan Essop (South Africa), Baudouin Mouanda (Congo Brazzaville), Zanele Muholi (South Africa), Jehad Nga (Kenya/Libya), Uche Okpa-Iroha (Nigeria), Nyaba Léon Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso), Nyani Quarmyne (Ghana).

The BRICS Project15 September 2013
Chen Chien-Jen, Pushing People, 2008 Still from video, 17:15 min Courtesy of the artist
Julian Rosefeldt Lonely Planet 2006 Single channel film, filmed on Super-35mm and converted to HD-SR and transferred onto Blu-ray Disc aspect ratio 2,35:1 16 min 18 sec loop

At this year’s Fair, the Goethe-Institut will be showing a selection of video works by artists from the BRICS countries. The BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), with its 40% share of the world’s population, is gaining momentum so rapidly that it must be regarded as a serious alternative to Western supremacy. According to curator Alfons Hug, “By calling for a multipolar, polycentric world order, BRICS has become a mouthpiece and role model…’ In the exhibition Hug considers the ways that artists have started to define new identities in countries defined by rapid change. Will BRICS’ critical mass give the world a new age of modernity? What will be the symbolic values with which it enriches the 21st century? These are some of the questions behind the selection of six video installations presented by Goethe in the BRICS projects space.

Roger Ballen Solo Show14 September 2013
I Fink U Freeky
Audience. 2011 Archival pigment prints 90 x 90cm

In association with CIRCA Gallery we will be showing selected works by acclaimed photographer Roger Ballen at a dedicated stand at this year’s FNB Joburg Art Fair. Roger Ballen has produced eight books, won numerous awards and his work was recently selected for a solo exhibition in the Smithsonian Institute's Museum of African Art, titled Lines, Marks, and Drawings: Through the Lens of Roger Ballen.
Works on show have been selected from his series’ Outland, Boarding House, Shadow Chamber, Dorps and Platteland.

Roger Ballen will be launching his new book Roger Ballen/Die Antwoord, I Fink u Freeky published in September 2013 by Prestel Verlag/Random House. Ballen collaborated with the music duo Die Antwoord by directing their music video I Fink U Freeky, the images from this collaboration will be presented in this publication.
Book signing will take place on Saturday the 28th of September at 3pm.

Heart Land - Dan Halter Special Project9 September 2013
Vote With Your Feet 2013, found plastic mesh bag with custom woven tartan fabric, 68 × 29 cm (detail)

Dan Halter’s artistic practice is informed by his position as a white Zimbabwean living in South Africa. Using materials ubiquitous to South Africa and Zimbabwe, Halter employs the language of craft and curio as a visual strategy to articulate his concerns within a fine art context. Through this, as well as through photography and video, Halter addresses notions of a dislocated national identity and the politics of post-colonial Zimbabwe within a broader African context.
In Heartland , his dedicated special project for the 2013 FNB Joburg Art fair, Halter continues to address these themes expanding on what began as a very personal and geographically specific experience in to a more global and abstract engagement with ideas around migration and nationhood.

FNB Art Prize 20136 September 2013
Nelisiwe Xaba on the set of Uncles & Angels, Soweto Theatre 2013. Photo: Zelé Angelides
Mocke J van Veuren

The FNB Art Prize was launched in 2011. The FNB Joburg Art Fair asks galleries that participate to nominate one of their artists for consideration to our panel of judges. The winning artist receives a cash prize, as well as the opportunity to showcase his or her work in a dedicated space at the FNB Joburg Art Fair.

This year’s winners are Nelisiwe Xaba & Mocke J van Veuren.

Uncles & Angels

Uncles & Angels is a collaborative dance and film project created by Nelisiwe Xaba and Mocke J van Veuren. Originally produced as a stage performance, the stereoscopic film employs a minimal, constrained aesthetic within a box-like spatial frame to metaphorically elaborate on conceptions of feminine purity and virginity under patriarchy.

Video Art Powered by Samsung : Mohau Modisakeng, Inzilo30 August 2013
Samsung 85 inch

Artlogic is pleased to announce a new partnership with Samsung. The forward-thinking electronics company has a long-standing relationship with the arts. Since the founding of the Samsung Foundation of Culture in 1965, Samsung has made significant contributions to invigorating arts and culture through an expansive roster of activities. Together with the sixth annual FNB Joburg Art Fair, they have now turned their focus to the medium of video art. Artlogic has commissioned South African artist Mohau Modisakeng to create a video installation for the new project, Video Art Powered by Samsung. The work will be unveiled at this year's Fair, where it will be screened on the new Samsung Ultra HD 85-inch TV. The incredibly vivid display has up to four times the resolution of full HD, making it the ultimate platform from which to present the young artist’s new work. 

Featured Artist 2013: David Goldblatt8 August 2013
The monument at left celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Republic of South Africa. The one at right is to J G Strijdom, militant protagonist of White supremacy and of an Afrikaner republic, who died in 1958. Pretoria, 25 April 1982
Monument to Frances Baard, hero of the struggle against apartheid, Kimberly, Northern Cape. 5 February 2013

The Structure of Things Then - and After
‘An ongoing absorption in the expression of ourselves in what we make and build’
presented in association with Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg

The Structure of Things Then - and After is a collection of photographs from Goldblatt’s Structures series which he began in 1961 by photographing places of worship in and around Johannesburg. “Gradually I came to see structures and their forms as expressions of value. If it is a truism that all structures are necessarily the outcome of choices made by their makers, and are therefore an expression of their makers’ values, the quality of that expression is as varied as the people who make the choices.”
Goldblatt: The Structure of Things Then, 1998

Pirelli Project: Nandipha Mntambo, ...everyone carries a shadow23 July 2013
Narcissus, 2009

Pirelli’s Formula 1 campaign slogan “Let’s Dance” is based on the rhythmic unison between tyres and race cars when at optimum performance on the track. The skid marks become the residue of movement and speed. Nandipha Mntambo’s new photographic series ...everyone carries a shadow, produced for the Pirelli space at the FNB Joburg Art Fair 2013, is based on the Paso Doble. The Paso Doble is a dance that has its roots 
in the sport of bullfighting. Within the dance the male figure represents the bullfighter and the female, the red cape that the fighter uses to entice the bull. A direct translation of the word refers to a ‘double-step’ meaning that the dancers follow each other, effectively becoming each other’s mirror or shadow. As an extension of her previous video work Paso Doble 2011, this series of seven photographs will be focused on dance and movement of bodies.


Bramble Fountain Project, 2013
Neil Le Roux

In the frame of our partnership with Arts Alive – City of Johannesburg and The National School of the Arts we are delighted to present BRAMBLE FOUNTAIN, an ecological landscape conceived by artist Neil Le Roux. The ecological installation will be presented on the grass bank above the pavement on Melle Street and will provide a dramatic and beautiful entrance into Braamfontein. The artist will realize the project in July and August together with the scholars of the National School of the Arts in a workshop environment. This installation will be presented to the City of Johannesburg during Arts Alive Festival. A “making of” the project will be hosted in a dedicated booth at this year’s FNB Joburg Art Fair.  

Artist statement

Bramble Fountain is a biological generative artwork made out of a collection of Ecological Conceptual Objects each comprising of at least 21 perennial plants and other important supporting components such as water, sand, rocks, wood, micro-organisms et al. Together these components “self-organize” into a larger ecological space which can host a multitude of entities, some of which remain in situ, while other more nomadic ones come and go as the terrain and their mobility allows. The work actively makes use of a generative strategy in order to manifest a thriving ecological pocket of life. This is achieved by means of establishing a tenable infrastructure that facilitates productive interaction between humans, creatures and objects. This interaction is not restricted to the pure visual contemplation of the assemblage, but encourages a full sensory experience.

Spier Architectural Arts Project5 July 2013
Spier Architectural Arts - Mosaic
Spier Architectural Arts - Ceramic

Spier will be centre-stage at this year’s FNB Joburg Art Fair. As one of South Africa's most significant and representative corporate collections, the Spier Art Collection can be differentiated and defined as visionary due to its direct impact on the local visual arts industry. With the clear objective of promoting the work of local, contemporary artists, many of the works in the Collection are the result of a number of programmes designed by Spier to intervene, activate and develop the different levels of artistic talent in South Africa.

One such programme, Spier Architectural Arts will be featured in the central atrium of this year's Art Fair. Spier Architectural Arts facilitates the mediation between artists, designers and architects in conceptualising, manufacturing and installation of large scale artworks. The studio has reinvented the ancient art form of mosaic and works in collaboration with a dedicated ceramic studio to incorporate refined ceramic elements.

FNB Art Prize 20135 June 2013
Cedric Nunn, Arniston kids body surfing off the Western Cape coast, 1989. 50,5 x 40,4 cm
Untitled (from Conflict Resolution), 2012. Oil on canvas, 180x220 cm

We have received fantastic submissions for the 3rd FNB Art Prize which will be judged by the 20th of June and announced to the public in early September.
The guest judges this year are Elvira Dyangani Ose, Curator for International Art at the Tate Modern, supported by Guaranty Trust Bank Plc and Prof. Federico Freschi, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Johannesburg. Artlogic will as always be the third judge.

The FNB Art Prize has been organized in partnership with Artlogic in the frame of the FNB Joburg Art Fair since 2011. The Prize is open to galleries that participate in the Art Fair and awards the winning artist with a R100 000 cash prize and a dedicated booth at the Fair.

David Koloane23 February 2013

David Koloane at the JAF

FNB Joburg Art Fair 2012 Featured Artist: Deborah Poynton in association with Stevenson15 July 2012
Arcadia 2 055K0622A GG   Diptych, panels 2 of 11. 2010. Oil on canvas. 300x200cm each

FNB Joburg Art Fair in association with STEVENSON is pleased to present an installation of paintings by Deborah Poynton entitled Arcadia.
The installation comprises 11 paintings hung together tightly in a single room and creates the sense of standing in a decayed concrete folly at twilight and looking out through the pillars into a liminal, overgrown landscape that surrounds the viewer on all sides.

Pirelli Projects: Pieter Hugo15 July 2012
Katharina Shaw, Sandrift Inkjet Print Paper size, 87 x 112cm Image size, 76.5 x 102cm

Pirelli has been an innovative Special Project partner of the FNB Joburg Art Fair for the past three years. This year, Pirelli presents a new body of work by South African artist, Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo has been commissioned by Pirelli to produce a series of artworks exploring of the notion of natural beauty.

John Berger writes: “To be naked is to be oneself. To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognized for oneself. A naked body has to be seen as an object in order to become a nude.”

Bridget Baker Only Half Taken15 July 2012
Only Half Taken (colour film still) 1959 / 2011 – 2012 16mm colour and b&w expanded film installation  size variable no audio original media: colour 8mm found family film, b&w 8mm film

As part of our 2012 focus on film and video art at the FNB Joburg Fair, Arts Alive have generously supported the installation of Bridget Baker's film Only Half Taken at this years fair. Bridget Baker has realised the project in collaboration with curator Amy Watson.


French South Africa Season: Art TalksBronwyn Law Viljoen12 July 2012

A panel discussion moderated by Raphael Cuir (France) and Bronwyn Law-Viljoen (South Africa)

The way one senses things is far more important than categorisations, which are but commodities for the intelligence.
—Jorge Luis Borges

FNB Art Price winner: Cedric Nunn23 September 2011
FNB Art Price winner: Cedric Nunn

The winner of the FNB Art Prize for 2011 was announced at the opening night of the FNB Joburg Art Fair at the Sandton Convention Centre last night.  After a stringent nomination and adjudication process, Cedric Nunn was announced as the winner of the inaugural FNB Art Prize.

First Cut: Paper, Scissors, Block, Print22 September 2011
First Cut: Paper, Scissors, Block, Print

Marie Claire presents First Cut: Paper, Scissors, Block, Print; a collaborative installation and performance piece by designer Lisa Jaffe of Guillotine, printmaker Jillian Ross of David Krut Print Workshop, artist Mary Wafer and musician João Orrechia. 
Using a bold and striking four-piece 1.5 x 1.3 m woodcut by artist Mary Wafer as a printing tool, her artwork has inspired a limited edition print on paper and extended into Guillotine’s first limited edition clothing range.  Performers will be showcasing the two.

Pirelli Project: Rubber Soul17 August 2011
Mary Sibande
Nirveda Alleck, Continuum South Africa, (detail) 2009. Oil on canvas, 450 x 120cm.

Featuring the work of Mary Sibande

Pirelli reveals its Rubber Soul Special Project at the FNB Joburg Art Fair 2011, in collaboration with Mary Sibande. Sibande has been commissioned by Pirelli to create an artwork focusing on the theme Rubber Soul: Aesthetics and technique in step with Fashion. This theme was represented at the exhibition curated by the Fondazione Pirelli that was hosted from 21 June to 24 July 2011 by Triennale di Milano museum.

20 Fine Years17 August 2011

The Bag Factory and Artist Proof Studio

Presented by Gauteng Provincial Government

The Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation is supporting a joint project between Gauteng’s two leading visual arts nonprofit organisations, namely The Bag Factory Artists’ Studios and The Artist Proof Studio. The Bag Factory offers artists the opportunity to pioneer unmapped territories and test their limits in the spirit of exchange and global connectedness by focusing on a programme that stands for inclusion and diversity. Artist Proof Studio (APS) is an art education centre that specialises in quality print¬making through a variety of diverse partnerships. By providing state-of-the-art equipment and materials they facilitate print collaborations between trained print technicians and professional artists.

Featured Artist: Paul Emmanuel16 August 2011
Paul Emmanuel, Transitions Multiples: field of flames, 2011. Hand coloured maniere noire stone lithograph printed on 285gsm Fabriano Rosapina Avorio paper. 80 x 156 cm. Edition 35.

Featured Artist

Paul Emmanuel : Transitions Multiples

In association with Gallery AOP

Art Source South Africa are partners and project managers of Paul Emmanuel's Transitions Project

FNB Joburg Art Fair presents Transitions Multiples, an exhibition by South African artist Paul Emmanuel. This exhibition forms part of Emmanuel’s critically acclaimed Transitions Project in which he explores the way society constructs perceptions and performances of a masculine identity. He examines shifting male identities in a post-colonial society through examining the rituals and rites of passage that mark the passing of one life phase into another.
Robyn Sassen comments: “How does one slip the boundaries of liminality and shift from being a foreigner, a stranger, a creature in exile, to one who belongs within the society? It’s a complicated set of values, and each culture has its own initiation imprints that define its members and celebrate qualities that it deem important… Emmanuel doesn’t critique the gestures… He acknowledges these gestures for the shift in values and self-identification they represent.”

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